The story of these photographs: We have been producing and providing calendars for almost 50 years. At first, they were a single sheet with a twelve month pad, the religious artwork being original drawings by Kathleen O’Neil. Later we moved into commercial calendars with our imprint. In 2010 we changed direction. Due to our interest in local history and our desire to share this with others, we began to reflect this in our calendars which we provide each year at no cost. They have become so popular that, despite a yearly increase in production, we usually run short of requests for them. Through this venue, we can share some of the photos and accompanying history with more people. All photographs - unless otherwise noted - are by Joseph G. O’Neil who combines his over 30 years of photographic work - including many award winning photos - with his deep interest in local history. The 13 - 15 photos used in our yearly calendars are chosen over several months from thousands taken. All of the photos seen here have not necessarily been used for one of our calendars - although some have been. This photograph shows a Tachihara 4x5 film view camera, actively in use today, looking over Sunset Drive from the top of the Michigan Central Railroad Kettle Creek Bridge in St. Thomas, Ontario.

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