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Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead, and I will measure with mathematical exactness, the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals.
William Ewart Gladstone (1809 - 1898)

Making Sense Of Funerals

Since time immemorial, humankind has both honoured and mourned their deceased through various rituals based on individual needs, physical necessities, cultural customs and religious beliefs... referred to today as "Funerals". Today, as ever in history, every "Funeral" is unique, individually customized to both honour and show respect for a life lived and to provide emotional needs and support for the mourning. Whatever form a Funeral takes or may be perceived to be - whether very traditional, partly traditional or simple burial/cremation without a previous service - it has to be remembered that all "Funerals" are for the living and are based on respect for the deceased.

To simplify, (realizing all can be made unique with personal changes) the following are our definitions of services we offer:

Traditional Funeral Service:
The deceased and casket are present for funeral home visitation and/or a Funeral Service, followed by interment, entombment or cremation in a cemetery.

Memorial Service:
Burial and/or cremation has first taken place, perhaps within the city of London or even in another country, and the family wishes to have a Funeral Service without a casket present, possibly with or without the cremated remains present.

Direct Burial/Cremation:
Direct cremation or burial in/at a cemetery or crematorium in the City of London has taken place and is not followed by any funeral home visitation or service of any kind.

Some of our large variety of products available on site:

Caskets and Cremation Containers.
We offer a selection of over 30 caskets ranging from the very basic to the very ornate as well as the option of using a rental casket. Both our wood and steel Caskets range in a variety of sizes and styles.

All of our wood caskets are Canadian made in Lindsay, Ontario, by Northern Casket. Founded in 1926 with more than 80 years of manufacturing, Northern is one of the last surviving privately owned wood casket manufacturers in Canada, with a longtime staff who have worked diligently to produce goods of superior quality, materials, construction and superior workmanship.


We also keep a large variety of high quality steel caskets that we personally import from Verplank Enterprises, a 4th generation small family business in Iron City, Tennessee. As the sole agent for Verplank in the area we are proud to offer their customized products that are both unique and affordable.


Our basic wood cremation containers as well as basic burial containers are made here in London Ontario and provide a very simple and affordable option while maintaining dignity for the deceased.

Cremation Urns:

We offer a varity of urns in wood, steel, ceramic, marble and other materials. Many of these can be customized to your specifics to include inscribed names, dates or images.

Our small Keepsake urns again range in size and style to best suit individual needs; a selection of Keepsake jewelry is also available.

Stationary, Cards and Memorial Books & Other:

A large selection of Memorial books, customized stationary and memorial and acknowledgment cards to choose from as well as Memorial Crosses, Candles, Portraits, Ceramics etc.

What to do when a death has occurred

Once a death has occured, a telephone call should be made (519-432-7136) to your Funeral Home to book an appointment to make arrangements.
The following information will be required for this appointment:

All such information is privately protected under the Vital Statistics Act of Canada and is necessary to officially register a death which then allows the procurement of a burial permit, Coroner's Cremation Warrant, and later to provide official copies of government Death Certificates for Estate Settlements.

If the death has occured out of the city or out of the country & the deceased is to be returned home for burial, this first telephone call should be made to your funeral home in your home town/i.e. where the burial will take place; arrangements between funeral homes can be less costly than directly involving a funeral home where the death has occured.

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